I started this album of instrumentals early in 2020, because my voice was deteriorating, and because I hadn’t made many instrumental songs in a while. My initial goal was to revisit various styles of instrumentals I’d composed across my life. The title of the album, and of all its songs, refer to very concrete things that entered my consciousness as I composed each song.

  1. Relational Disillusionment (a term I brought up with a young person I was mentoring, that seemed to give them a name for something they were wrestling with)
  2. Re-Arrange (I re-arranged the furniture in my office)
  3. Clove (this song has Indonesian gamelan instruments in it, and I associate Clove cigarettes with Indonesia)
  4. Red Hot Cash (this was the name of a lotto scratcher that sat on my desk as I composed this song)
  5. Boot (composed the evening that Pete Buttigieg dropped out of his US presidential bid)
  6. Corona (duh… this song was picked up early in the pandemic on a Spotify playlist in Germany, where it got 100s of plays)
  7. BP D-Minor (composed on a night when I was making calls trying to smooth out some situations that were boiling over for two clients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder who were hanging out together… sing is in D Minor)
  8. Wedge (I was sleeping on a foam wedge on my doctor’s hypothesis that my vocal problems might result from acid reflux… also, this song layers all the other songs on this album on top of each other… so it is both a song on the album and the whole album)

Cover art by Jordie Lynn