THE PUPPET OF THE YEARWritten and directed by Brian Gross. Puppet Play performed at Grandview Elementary School. 1978.01-Jan-78Stage Play
GOOD-BYE OVENTwo-act play written and directed by Brian Gross.  About the end of Hell, as all its occupants are brought to Heaven one by one.  1979 at Grandview Elementary School, Manhattan Beach.10-Nov-79Stage Play
A RAINBOW IN MOTHER GOOSE LANDRadio play written by Brian Gross.  Play was produced and aired on National Public Radio nationwide.  1980.  Also performed live at Grandview Elementary School; Brian Gross directing.11-Oct-80Radio Play
ZOO STORYSecond Place award for portrayal of Peter in Edward Albee’s Zoo Story; California Drama Association. 1987.01-Jan-87Stage Play
IT DON’T MATTER BABY DOLLOne-act play written by Brian Gross and B. Christopher Wood. Directed by Brian Gross.  About a woman with AIDS.  1987 at Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach.13-Feb-87Stage Play
VARIOUS MUSIC AND POETRYAugust to November 1987: The After Point, Washington, D.C.01-Nov-87Singer-Songwriter
VARIOUS MUSIC AND POETRYJanuary to June 1989: The Natural Fudge Company, Hollywood, CA01-Jan-89Singer-Songwriter
VARIOUS MUSIC AND POETRYJuly to August 1989: L’Oixeau de la Nuit; Paris, France01-Jul-89Singer-Songwriter
HIGH SCHOOL HOMOPHOBIA: TRUE OR FALSEFeature article published in “The Community Newsletter” of the South Bay Lesbian & Gay Community Organization.01-Aug-90Writing
VARIOUS MUSIC AND POETRYNovember 1990 through July 1991: Highland Grounds, Lizards, Beyond Baroque; Los Angeles, CA01-Nov-90Singer-Songwriter
PUBLIC AFFEC(TA)TIONFeature article published in “The Community Newsletter” of the South Bay Lesbian & Gay Community Organization.01-Dec-90Writing
SBLGCO 2ND ANNUAL BIRTHDAY FESTIVALSouth Bay Lesbian & Gay Community Organization’s 2nd Annual Birthday Festival; Redondo Beach, CA01-Jul-91Singer-Songwriter
POST NIXMulti-media works by Brian Gross & Ken Villa; painting, drawing, music, poetry.  August 1991 at Icaan Galleries, Manhattan Beach.01-Aug-91Multimedia
THE ROSE TATTOOFeatured musician at The Rose Tattoo, West Hollywood.01-Mar-92Singer-Songwriter
SCRAPSTwo week multi-media display and performance; decoupage, drawings, music, writings, performance art.  April 1992 at The Kickback Cafe, Hollywood.01-Apr-92multimedia
WORKS BY BRIAN GROSS/MIKE KELLYRotating display of various works; altered beach house windows, found objects, clothing, bamboo.  May-October 1992 at Vidiots, Santa Monica.01-May-92Visual Art
WORDSDisplay of polystyrene words with drawings and texts during opening of HIV Hospice.  June 1992, W. Hollywood.01-Jun-92Visual Art
“NUMB” by SEVEN.1Released on CD insert in High Performance Magazine’s “The Verdict & The Violence” issue after the L.A. Uprising.  Urban jazz song composed by Brian Gross. 01-Jul-92Sound Design
MAY YOUR INITIALS BE FOREVER CARVED LIKE OPEN WOUNDS IN MY HEART.Comic book/love lament.  September 8, 1992 publish date in limited edition.08-Sep-92Writing
I KNOW WE’RE COMING ALONGVariety show of 3 songs and 3 poems exploring growing up gay in a beach city suburb of Los Angeles.  September 11, 1992 at The Hungry Mind, Manhattan Beach.11-Sep-92Singer-Songwriter
BETWEEN PRICKS; temptations for the bored, metropolitan homosexual–and other horrors!Written, composed and directed by Brian Gross.  45 minute musical vaudeville play for 3 performers.  Consists of 5 songs, 5 short sketches and one 15 minute monologue.  Featuring Michael-Shaun Corby, Jerry Corona & Brian Gross.  September 17, 1992, two performances at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.  November 25, 1992 at The Ga-Ga Cafe, Long Beach.  January 27, 1993 at UCLA, Westwood.17-Sep-92Stage Play
QUEEN OF ANGELSMusical play written by James Carroll Pickett; directed by Philip Littell.  Brian Gross played “The Straight-Jacket Clown” with various solo and ensemble parts.  October 1 – 18, 1992 at Highways, Santa Monica.  January 8 – February 14, 1993 at Skylight Theatre, Hollywood.01-Oct-92Stage Play
“GULP…Co-coordinator, with Frank Mas and Shannon Jebbia of 15 day, 80 hour queer community arts festival at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.  Included visual, video and performance arts, workshops, fashion, politics, health, etc.  Participation of over 200 Los Angeles artists, performers and community organizations.  October 15 though November 3, 1992.15-Oct-92Performance Art
AH!Six 5 minute monologues of young men and women struggling with their identities.  Written by Brian Gross.  Featuring Michael Hauser, Sam Pancake, Carlos Martinez, Jerry Corona, Brian Gross and Michael-Shaun Corby.  October 20 and 30, 1992 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.20-Oct-92Performance Art
MY CURRENT ILLUSIONSLength: 15 minutes.  Written and performed by Brian Gross.  Poetic onanism.  October 20 and 29, 1992 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.20-Oct-92Video
MARK25 minute monologue written and with musical accompaniment by Brian Gross.  Performed by Philip Littell.  October 29, 1992.  The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.29-Oct-92Performance Art
TRIPIN’DICKULAR CHORAL DEPOSITORYQuartet choral group under the direction of and with music composed by Brian Gross.  October 29, 1992 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.29-Oct-92Performance Art
HOLIDAY PURGATORYProduced by Brian Gross.  2 hour holiday variety show.  One musical performance, comedy troupe, monologue and two one-acts.  December 17, 1992 at Little Frida’s, W. Hollywood.17-Dec-92Performance Art
QUEER BASKETProduced by Brian Gross.  A sumptuous picnic of Los Angeles queer performance products.  Commissioned by the UCLA Gay & Lesbian Alliance as part of Cultural Awareness Week.  Three one-acts and a sound composition by Brian Gross and Mike Kelly.27-Jan-93Performance Art
FRAIL, CHILD-LIKE LIMBS1 hour sound organization composed by Brian Gross with accompanying coloring book.  February 24, 1993 at Little Frida’s.24-Feb-93Performance Art
POST HOMOProduced, co-directed, with music and skits by Brian Gross.  A 1.5 hour space-specific performance chronicling the discovery of homosexuality and the subsequent passing of the Homo Sapiens species.  March 13, 1993 at A Different Light Bookstore, W. Hollywood.13-Mar-93Performance Art
INTRAVENOUS VIEWFINDER90 minute variety show spotlighting 8 local performance artists performing and being interviewed in a talk show format hosted by Brian Gross, with Michael Hauser as Ed McMahon.  March 18, 1993 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.18-Mar-93Performance Art
STOP AIDS; Picnic in the park.Performance of 4 songs setting texts by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Jean-Paul Sartre to music.  March 27, 1993 at W. Hollywood Park.27-Mar-93Singer-Songwriter
HAPPY HOUSECommissioned performance, music show.  Los Feliz, CA.  Premiere of “The Pepa & Roosevelt Show” & “Darling, Why Do You Cry?”15-May-93Performance Art
PERCOLATING REGIMENTwo improvised sound performances within fluctuating parameters.  Featuring Brian Gross, Michael Hauser, Jerry Corona & Mark Heilman.  May 23, 1993 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.23-May-93Performance Art
DREAM CONSTIPATIONVariety show produced & directed by Brian Gross.  A double-blind performance experiment involving the compression of digested materials.  June 4, 1993 at A Different Light Bookstore, W. Hollywood.04-Jun-93Performance Art
argueMulti-media art work selected for the Manhattan Beach Friends of the Arts First Annual Juried Exhibition.  Multi-colored polystyrene letters spelling out “argue” with various drawings and texts.  Juried by Noel Korten.  June 11-27, 1993 at Manhattan Beach.11-Jun-93Visual Art
REVOLUTION10 minute hair show, performance art piece choreographed by Michael-Shaun Corby.  Music composed by Brian Gross.  July 3, 1993 at Arena Cafe & Disco, Hollywood.03-Jul-93Performance Art
BREAKING THE TABOO1.5 hour variety show including 2 songs and 2 performance pieces pitting philosophical and political ideas about homosexuality against each other in a comedic fashion.  August 13, 1993 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.13-Aug-93Performance Art
JOHN; the nicest person you’ll ever feel bad about trying to avoid.12 minute, wordless performance piece involving the inversion of clothing and a 12 foot chain.  Accompanied by original soundtrack.  September 8, 1993 at Highways, Santa Monica.08-Sep-93Performance Art
SNOWBALL!A 25 minute radio-drama “spotlighting commonplace beliefs ushered to the gates of their intrinsic insanity and the ushers who usher them there.”  Autobiographical prose piece set to original music.  Hosted by Linda Neal.  October 5, 1993 at CalArts. January 20, 1994 at Beans Cafe, Whittier, CA.05-Oct-93Performance Art
FAC3A three foot black cube, one side an oil painting with three original instrumental songs emanating from within.  October 21, 1993 at the L-Shape Gallery, CalArts, Valencia.21-Oct-93Multimedia
PSYCHOPHANTOMIC RESTRAINT(S)1.5 hour variety show including a video, a performance and a song cycle.  Exploring the breakage of intuitive barriers from the corner of a room.  November 12, 1993 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.12-Nov-93Performance Art
THE DRAGON, THE STUDENT & THE SCHIZOPHRENIC SERVANTText & Music by Brian Gross; featuring Ray Flournoy, Linda Neal & Brian Gross.  Length: 29:33.  Three monologues expressing struggle with faith in things divine, material and imaginary are interwoven to create a fourth monologue.  November 12, 1993 at The Six Gallery, W. Hollywood.  December 12, 1993 at CalArts, Valencia.12-Nov-93Video
JOHN; the nicest person you’ll ever feel bad about trying to avoid.Comic book with 4 adventures in the life of JOHN.  November 14, 1993 publish date in limited edition.  Part of “BETWEEN THE SHEETS,” book art show at CalArts, May 15, 1994.14-Nov-93Writing
THE MOMENT AT HANDShort story published in “The Moon,” the newspaper of CalArts.  About a white boy on a date with a Latino boy and his family.  November 22, 1993.22-Nov-93Writing
SLEEPING WITH JAMES DEANFeatured reading/performance of “Sleeping with James Dean” and other works. November 23, 1993 at Little Frida’s, West Hollywood.23-Nov-93Singer-Songwriter
MEMOIRS OF A SCROOGE45 minute modern dance piece choreographed by Karen Woo with song cycle by Brian Gross: “Fettered Memories of the Future”  December 3-4, 1993 at CSU Long Beach.  March 13, 1994 in competition at Albuquerque, New Mexico.03-Dec-93Sound Design
HOLIDAY PURGATORY II1.5 hour variety show including a video and 2 performance pieces, all exploring childhood and adolescent encounters with free will, God and the devil.  December 12, 1993 at CalArts, Valencia.12-Dec-93Performance Art
CRISIS OF IDENTITY AS OXYMORON“Fictional essay” published in “The Moon,” the newspaper of CalArts.  About abortion, muscle relaxants, crack and anal sex.  December 13, 1993.13-Dec-93Writing
GOD DAMNED GOD45 minute variety show including 2 songs, 1 poem & 1 performance piece.  Exploring those places where one turns away from or toward faith.  January 20, 1994 at Beans Cafe, Whittier.20-Jan-94Performance Art
PROSE OF PORT TOWNSENDPoem by Linda Neal set to music by Brian Gross.  February 10, 1994.10-Feb-94Sound Design
20TH CENTURY, LTD.Guest composer on one hour radio broadcast.  10 original compositions, interview.  KXLU (88.9 FM), Los Angeles.  March 31, 1994.31-Mar-94Sound Design
ANOTHER COW IN LIMBO1.5 hour variety show including 4 songs, 2 poems, and 2 performance pieces.  Explores the limbo states between knowing and believing.  April 9, 1994 at Al’s Cafe, Manhattan Beach.09-Apr-94Performance Art
THE HYGIENIC MIRRORText & Music by Brian Gross; featuring Chip Hebert & Brian Gross.  Length: 16:30.  A phone conversation in which the two characters grapple with spirituality, lust, love, vibrators and a festering attraction to each other.  May 14, 1994 at CalArts, Valencia. October 13, 1994 at CalArts, Valencia.14-May-94Video
BETWEEN THE SHEETSWall and door paintings for group book art show.  May 15, 1994 at CalArts, Valencia.15-May-94Visual Art
MARSHAdult comic book with audio read-along accompaniment.  About a despondent adolescent and the confused adult who tries to help him without seducing him.  Part of “BETWEEN THE SHEETS,” book art show at CalArts, May 15, 1994.15-May-94Writing
TAILSPINAdult comic book about one night in the life of a horny, drunken homosexual.  Part of “BETWEEN THE SHEETS,” book art show at CalArts, May 15, 1994.15-May-94Writing
THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES OF JOHNComic book of 7 further adventures of JOHN coming to terms with his deficiencies.  February 20, 1994 publish date in limited edition.  Part of “BETWEEN THE SHEETS,” book art show at CalArts, May 15, 1994.15-May-94Writing
SOMETIMES I HOPE HE CANNOT SEE US20 minute performance; including 3 songs and three spoken/performative sections.  Written and performed by Brian Gross.  Explores the connections between aliens, sexual attraction, forgiveness and a watchful God.  August 15, 1994 at Highways, Santa Monica.  September 15, 1994 at CalArts, Valencia.15-Aug-94Performance Art
MUZAK TO MANICComputer aided music composition.  Guest instructor for 10 week high school music composition class. Focusing on contemporary urban music: house/trance/techno, lyric writing, singing, instrument operation.  Oakwood School, N. Hollywood.  October 1994 – February 1995.01-Oct-94Sound Design
THRESHOLDWritten & Directed by Mike Stute.  Length: 40:00.  Soundtrack by Brian Gross.  Based on a story by Clive Barker.  A professor bent on uncovering his own latent fears, forces some of his students to do the same, with murderous results.  November 19, 1994 at CSU Fullerton.19-Nov-94Sound Design
DIARYText & Music by Brian Gross.  Length: 11:00.  A cyberspace cruising conversation chock full of confessions and overtures. November 20, 1994 at CalArts, Valencia.20-Nov-94Video
GROUP SHOWClass show; instructor: Robert Bordo.  Three 8”x10” and two 18”x24” oil paintings.  December 3-19, 1994 at KAFE, CalArts, Valencia.03-Dec-94Visual Art
VALENTINE’S BALLIncluded in group show, “When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…”.  Four 2’x3’ cardstock boards with India Ink drawings.  February 12-18, 1995 at Tatum Lounge, CalArts, Valencia.12-Feb-95Visual Art
DARLING, WHY DO YOU CRY?Text & Music by Brian Gross.  Length: 4:10.  A video which  couples a song about watching a loved one cry as you drop into hell with a stream of wishes across a blue screen.  March 12, 1995 at CalArts, Valencia.12-Mar-95Video
ACTS TO LIVE BYMusical theatre piece dealing with issues of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Fund-raiser for the All South Bay Central Office.  Brian Gross wrote various scenes, contributed 2 original songs and played a lead role in performance.  April 21, 1995 at American Martyrs, Manhattan Beach.21-Apr-95Stage Play
TRUTH OR HAIR?A video and audio installation.  Text & Music by Brian Gross.  Camera by Steve Havel.  Length: 13:00.  Takes place in a room with a 10 to 15” screen silent  cinema verite video sequence accompanied in another part of the room by an acoustically full audio track.  One man’s attempt to be a part of the solution by cutting his hair and having sex with strangers.  An out of body experience.  May 5-11,1995 at CalArts, Valencia.05-May-95Video
“…The line dropping off the page…”Included in group Show focusing on questions raised by various aspects of drawing which refer to marking, space and architecture.  Curated by Karin Sander.  Four graphite on paper  sketches; one graphite, colored pencil, india ink & watercolor on paper sketch;  one oil and gauche composition on canvas; one gauche and india ink composition on canvas.  May 10 – June 3, 1995.  Amanda M. Obering Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.10-May-95Visual Art
JOHN & THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBINGOne page comic published as part of “PROTECTION,” an anthology of student works.  May 10, 1995 at CalArts, Valencia.10-May-95Visual Art
AGNES GREEN SAGA“Nurse Fran” in performance art piece accompanying texts by Clinton Oie.  June 24, 1995 at Smiley’s Cafe, San Bernardino; July 12, 1995 at Directors Guild of America, as part of OUTFEST ‘95.24-Jun-95Performance Art
WINGED HEART COMEDY NIGHTOpening act for stand up comedy.  45 minute guitar and voice set; including 15 original songs.  August 26, 1995 at Winged Heart Cafe, Fullerton, CA.26-Aug-95Singer-Songwriter
MFA DANCE THESIS SHOWCommissioned to compose 20 minute suite for modern dance choreographer Karen J. Woo.  Performed  November 12-14, 1995 at Highways, Santa Monica and November 29-30, December 1-3, 1995 at Cal State Long Beach.12-Nov-95Sound Design
OVULATIONFive minute performance.  An internet connection ends in a irresistible pull toward the unwanted.  Set completely to music accompaniment.  January 25, 1996 at Cal Arts.25-Jan-96Performance Art
ALICE IN DENIAL-LANDMusical theatre piece dealing with issues of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Fund-raiser for the All South Bay Central Office.  Brian Gross wrote various scenes, contributed an original song.  April 13, 1996 at Hermosa Civic, Hermosa Beach.13-Apr-96Stage Play
THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARDEight minute performance.  A patient voluntarily committed to a mental hospital discusses his progress with the review board, in hopes of being released.  Set completely to music accompaniment.  April 23, 1996 at CalArts.23-Apr-96Performance Art
SOLOCommissioned to composed 13 minute suite for modern dance choreographer Karen J. Woo.  Performed June 13, 1996 at  Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Los Angeles.13-Jun-96Sound Design
URBAN GRIOTCommissioned to compose 12 minute suite for Bridge Dance Theater.  Performed June 27-30th, 1996 at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions).27-Jun-96Sound Design
IF I WERE LOSTTwo hour, two act musical, written and composed by Brian Gross.  A gender-bent, multi-media love cuisinart in two acts with music.  Journeying from the top to the bottom in a sandbox of sinful salvation, obvious organs and stellar communion, the characters and environment circle each other like prey that they haven’t the stomach to swallow… but they’ll try nonetheless.  Directed by Mike Kelly. August 1-11, 1996 at Highways, Santa Monica. 01-Aug-96Stage Play
THE BRIDGE DANCE THEATRELos Angeles, California, Resident Composer. Composed for critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based modern dance company, performed nationwide, including: The Electric Lodge, Venice (2001), Buriel Clay Memorial Theatre, San Francisco (1999), Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona (1998), and the Japanese-American Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles (1996).01-Sep-96Sound Design
HERE & AWAYCurator for modern dance concert, commissioned by Arts Manhattan.  A night of tearing and mending and wondering again if there was ever, in the first place, anything to be torn.  With Bridge Dance Theatre, Dulce Capadocia, Ginny Marrin, Linda Neal & Joe Decker.  Novermber 16, 1996.  Manhattan Beach.16-Nov-96Curator
WHO YOU ARE SPEAKS SO LOUDLY I CAN’T HEAR WHAT YOU’RE SAYINGCommissioned to compose 13 minute suite for Bridge Dance Theatre. February 1997. Will be premiered in Fall of 1997 at Dance Kaleidoscope, Los Angeles and in Bridge Dance Theatre’s annual company show.01-Jan-97Sound Design
CACTUSES & KELPShort story published in “Welcome To Our Reality,” an anthology of EAGLES Center student writings, 1997.01-Jan-97Writing
DEATH FOR FRANK O’HARAPoem published in Errant Bodies, 1997.01-Jan-97Writing
STEP UP TO THE MICProducer, lighting designer, technical coordinator for monthly performances by homeless youth. My Friend’s Place, Hollywood, California. 1997 to 2001.01-Jan-97Curator
THE MONKEY-CYCLEPerformance art piece ruminating on having a pet monkey as a best friend and other related tales through prose, performance, a poem, an essay and a song. May 2, 1997 at Beyond Baroque, Venice, California. May 6, 1997at CalArts. October 5, 1997 at Binders Bookstore, Sheridan, Wyoming.02-May-97Performance Art
BLIND DATEIncluded in group collaborative show in which visual art works from one artist are paired with a written response from another artist. May 9-10, 1997 at Ellen Birrell Studio, Eagle Rock, California. With plans for publication of a book in the works.09-May-97Visual Art
EAGLES CENTER CABARETCo-producer and music director for student performance cabaret. May 29, 1997. Beyond Baroque, Venice, California.29-May-97Curator
EAGLES CENTER RADIO PLAYSProduced, mastered, engineered, edited and provided soundtrack for 25 student radio plays released on CD. Funded in part by The Durfee Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation. September 1997.01-Sep-97Curator
MY FRIEND’S PLACE RADIO PLAYSProduced, mastered, engineered, edited and provided soundtrack for 5 student radio plays released on CD. Funded in part by Community Arts Partnership and The James Irvine Foundation. September 1997.01-Sep-97Curator
THE OTHER SIDETwo-act musical, written and composed by Brian Gross. A staged representation of the river of fleeting internal images, thoughts and impulses coursing through an individual psyche. Workshopped October 22, 1997 at Ucross Foundation, Clearmont, WY.01-Sep-97Stage Play
MANHATTAN HEIGHTS ARTS CENTERManhattan Beach, California, Critical Essayist. Writer of numerous gallery exhibition catalogue essays, featuring painting, sculpture, installation and architecture by international artists such as Tom Wudl, Howard Ben Tré, Gwynne Murrill, DeWain Valentine, Livio Seguso, Ray Kappe and others. 1998 to 2004.01-Jan-98Multimedia
USA, AA, AIDS, DC (sic)Prose poem included in anthology book, Blind Date, anonymously pairing works by visual artists with responses to the works by writers. Edited and Published by Steven Hull in 1998.01-Jan-98Writing
PRESENT; an artful record of the school yearYearbook/anthology of EAGLES Center student writings and memorabilia, co-edited with Amy Jones. Published June of 1998. Publisher: 451, Inc., Ventura, California.01-Jun-98Curator
THE SATURDAY AUCTIONPerformance art piece inspecting the longing of love and the love of longing through the music of words and the words of music. Five poems, two songs and an instrumental. July 28, 1998 at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California.28-Jul-98Performance Art
APOCRYPHO; Spiritual CannibalADSR MUSICWERKS, Seattle, Washington, Composer and Vocalist: Apocrypho; Spiritual Cannibal. Electronic Body Music (EBM) debut album of 12 tracks, released March 2000. Several tracks featured on compilation albums from: Chain DLK (Germany), DSBP (Germany), Daft Records (Holland) and others.01-Jan-99Sound Design
DEFENSELESS ANIMALSPerformance art piece written, composed and performed by Brian Gross and Greg Jeffers. Directed by Brian Gross. A zoo being attacked by a ceaseless barrage of unrelated information, movement and song. May 26, 1999 at the Hudson Theatre, Hollywood, CA.26-May-99Performance Art
PROs & PROteges; Los Angeles Area Artists and the Youth They MentorBARNSDALL MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY, Los Angeles, California, Installation Artist. Created “Flow,” a 20’x25’ room installation, including four paintings, 15 drawings, 2 comic strips, a painted desk and 34 interactive sound elements. Part of a group show: “PROs & PROteges; Los Angeles Area Artists and the Youth They Mentor.” Curated by Noel Korten and Jay Belloli.01-Aug-99Visual Art
THE WOMAN TRILOGYPerformance art piece in the vein of classic storytelling, with story and song. Following a character from childhood to despair and then to redemption. April 7th, 2001 at Salon Des Artistes, Upland, California.07-Apr-01Performance Art
ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS AND SCIENCES FOUNDATIONLos Angeles, California, Multimedia Developer, CD-ROM and website developer for the Academy’s “Journeys Below the Line” educational programs covering production aspects of the hit television series “24” (2005), “ER” (2006), and “Lost” (2007).01-Jan-05Multimedia
FELLOWS OF CONTEMPORARY ARTLos Angeles, California, Board Consultant. Fundraising packages, letters of appeal, proposal writing, annual meeting collateral, exhibition catalogues. 2007 to 2010.01-Jan-07Multimedia
THE ORANGE ROOMOpen Mic performer, The Orange Room, New Westminster, BC. June 17, 2008.17-Jun-08Singer-Songwriter
THE ORANGE ROOMOpen Mic performer, The Orange Room, New Westminster, BC. July 22, 2008.22-Jul-08Singer-Songwriter
THE PARANORMALFeatured guest on “The Paranormal” show, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. December 13, 2008.13-Dec-08Performance Art
THE PARANORMALFeatured guest on “The Paranormal” show, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. February 7, 2009.07-Feb-09Performance Art
WORLD POETRY CAFÉFeatured on CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver, World Poetry Cafe, reading poetry from my book-in-progress, “Border Crossing”. April 7, 2009.07-Apr-09Poet
FEATURED READERFeatured reader at Poetry Planet, Port Moody Library, reading poetry from my book-in-progress, “Border Crossing,” including the new poem, “I’m Your Man”. April 2, 2009.20-Apr-09Poet
FEATURED MUSICIANFeatured musician for the month of May 2009 on CFRO 102.7 Vancouver, World Poetry Cafe, Tuesdays from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.01-May-09Singer-Songwriter
WORLD POETRYFeatured reader, Chapters Metrotown, Burnaby, BC. May 21, 2009.21-May-09Poet
THE PARANORMALFeatured guest on “The Paranormal” show, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. August 23, 2009.23-Aug-09Performance Art
THE PARANORMALFeatured guest on “The Paranormal” show, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. October 18, 2009.18-Oct-09Performance Art
WORLD POETRY CAFÉFeatured on CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver, World Poetry Cafe, reading poetry from book-in-progress, “Border Crossing”. And playing music from the new album, “Biopsy.” December 14, 2010.14-Dec-10Poet
MAKING BETTER CHOICESAutoethnographic, arts-based master’s thesis. City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Conference presentation with music and video: “Reaching Out Together: Connections Through Social Work,” University of the Fraser Valley—April 29, 2015.  29-Apr-15Performance Art
MAKING BETTER CHOICESAutoethnographic, arts-based master’s thesis. City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Screening party, Coquitlam—June 25, 2016.25-Jun-16Performance Art
MAKING BETTER CHOICESAutoethnographic, arts-based master’s thesis. City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Classroom Presentation: Trinity Western University, Addictions—March 22, 2018.22-Mar-18Performance Art
International Overdose Awareness DayPerformed several songs at awareness event at Jubilee Park in Abbotsford, BC31-Aug-19Singer-Songwriter
MAKING BETTER CHOICESAutoethnographic, arts-based master’s thesis. City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Classroom Presentation: Douglas College, Addictions—September 21, 2019.21-Sep-19Performance Art
BEAP FundraiserPerformed several songs for a fundraiser for the Business Engagement Ambassador Project (BEAP) at Jubilee Park in Abbotsford, BC17-Jul-21Singer-Songwriter