Written and (mostly – some were recorded later, as I didn’t yet have a dependable way to record songs) recorded between 1985 and 1988, these 15 songs start with a song, Watch them fall, with lyrics by me and music composed and vocal performed by my brother.

Later in 1985, my brother bought me my first guitar, on which most of the other songs were composed and performed by me. In 1988, my brother again gifted me with an instrument… a hand-me-down Casio keyboard, which makes appearances later on the album.

Also featured (on Innocence is bliss and I am gentle) are the upright piano from my childhood home’s living room and a piano from the rec room in Thurston Hall at George Washington University (More than once), where I went to school briefly, before trying to drop completely out of society.

These are not the only songs I wrote, recorded and retained from this time period. They were selected for inclusion in a chronological series (Misguided home) of 64 brief stories (none longer than 2 pages) that sprung from the lyrics of 64 songs that I composed and recorded between 1985 and 2010. The albums that comprise the full 64-song suite are That’s a thin line, I look so good in yellow, The aliens might be everywhere, and The glare of daylight.