Songs from this album were created in late 1992 and early 1993… a time when I took up the motto (but only rhetorically): “I have no plans and I have no plans for any plans.”

My “career” as a “performance artist” in Los Angeles had risen to the point where I developed and led a loose performance group that I called “The STIFF Ensemble.” We had frequent space-specific performances mostly in West Hollywood and Santa Monica with names like: “Post Homo,” “Between Pricks,” “Tripindicular Choral Depository,” “Frail, Childlike Limbs,” “Intravenous Viewfinder,” “Gag Reflex” and the two-week extravaganza with over 20 performances that I produced with Shannon Jebbia and Frank Mas, called “Gulp…”

I was flirting very openly with fame and infamy, and one could say that it was a catalyst… for something. But it quickly devolved into cacophonic and impenetrable productions that verged on psychosis and led to parties where I answered any question with “Because I’m God” (not that I thought I was saying I was The God… I think I was trying to say that we all were, but that was probably – and understandably – lost on most people). Interesting… maybe. Pretty?

Well, it didn’t last long. Either this phase or I was going to burn out and die.

The longer pieces on the album (The Private Life of Jesus Christ, PLAYG, and Express) were live pieces built on various technologies (multi-track tape decks, MIDI drum machines, keyboards, effects boxes) that I manipulated in realtime… so every time I played them, they were quite different.

The final song on the album, Luxurious Listen, took me by surprise… but was a bellwether for a simpler period of convalescence (that one could say then carried on for nearly two decades).