“Misguided Home” was a title that came to me as I was driving to work at the youth and family substance use counselling agency that I was program director at in 2010 (filling a maternity leave position). It has the quality that I seem to like in a title… it smoothly leaves the tongue, but then gets tangled up in the mind. It ranks up there for me with “If I Were Lost” (the title of a 1995 song, that then became the title of a critically-acclaimed 1996 musical play), and “Beautiful Mistake” (a 1998 song).

After the title came to me in 2010, I pulled together a number of my songs that I thought fit nicely under the name and made an album that I gifted to a number of people that Christmas.

Around the same time, I also registered the domain name TestTubeBaby.ca and started to create an anonymous website that featured various songs from across the years, paired with little stories (all quite autobiographical) about a character called “TestTubeBaby.” I left that site up for probably less than a year, never really publicized it, but kept adding songs and stories until I archived it and let the domain go silent.

In 2011, I started a 2-year Master of Counselling program that, due to some exciting work developments (I was now executive director of the same agency), ended up taking me 6 years to finish. By 2016, I just had one class to finish, Couples Counselling, but it wasn’t going to be offered again until mid-2017, so I arranged to do it as an independent study course with a project of selecting lyrical artifacts from my life that had some relationship to the evolution of my coupling history… and writing little stories to accompany them (like I had started to do on the TestTubeBaby.ca site).

After finishing what ended up being a book with 64 lyrics and stories, I then started to re-master all the recordings of the songs that the stories were based on. Later I broke those songs into 4 albums: That’s a thin line, I look so good in yellow, The aliens might be everywhere, and The glare of daylight.