The first line on the first song, Mysterious mister, on this album (“I searched oh so long/For the middle/Of the road/I was never on”) came to me after I had resigned myself to the possibility that my art practice, rather than being therapeutic, might be tangled up with my ego in a way that was going to lead to my demise. Nonetheless, I had soon composed the rest of the lyrics and the music and recorded them… and survived.

The 15 songs on this album (composed and recorded between 1993 and 1998) perhaps represent my attempts to extract myself from the travails of the world (which had ground my existence to a halt) by weaving my conception and perception of life into some kind of bigger picture “spiritual” or “alien” tapestry (mostly in the context of 12-step programs). By the last few songs on the album, this intentional weaving process starts to reveal that all it is rendering is a self-referential construction, not an intransigent truth. The aliens might be everywhere (and no one can prove otherwise)… but that could also be a Beautiful mistake.

These are not the only songs I wrote, recorded and retained from this time period. They were selected for inclusion in a chronological book (Misguided home) of 64 brief stories (none longer than 2 pages) that sprung from the lyrics of 64 songs that I composed and recorded between 1985 and 2010.